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Hello, I'm Lucy, a member of Stronger Together Organization, which empowers individuals to initiate their own humanitarian projects.


I have chosen to establish a school in Gaza for Palestinian children. Our aim is to establish the school within one of the refugee camps on the border where children currently reside, lacking access to education.


The educational program at the school will enable international teachers to conduct classes remotely, providing hope.


On the 2nd of April we are hosting Melodies of Hope a Cabaret in the evening to raise funds for this project. If you would like to attend the ticket link is here:


If you cant attend but still wish to support the cause you can donate to this link here:


This sustainable educational model was pioneered by Sophia Wilmot-Josife, the founder of Stronger Together Aid Organization, several years ago in various conflict zones.


Now, we aspire to extend it to Palestinian children.

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