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Our store policy in regards how we operate our partnered merchandise and deliveries. 

Our store policy is similar to our privacy policy in terms of collecting your information. Once you have placed your orders, we will collect your orders and your delivery information and share it to the assigned store. They will be the ones that will prepare and deliver your order to your given address.

For services that you will receive a coupon, you avail these services in the respective branch location of each product/service. For online coaching/therapy/sessions, you will also be redirected to the website or be asked to personally contact the coach, mentor, teacher, and/or therapist.

Strong Gens x Stronger Together Shop is responsible to collect the orders you will provide but we are not responsible for damaged goods or lost products. The partnered products and services are the ones responsible in handling your orders. We will only provide enough information to have you them deliver the product to you.

In regards to our Virtual Gift Shop, we are responsible to provide the said materials and accommodation to the children of Strong Gens charity once you have paid for it. You will also be contacted once a child receives your gift in order for you to see the proof of purchase.


If you have any questions about this Store Policy, please don't hesitate to contact us at

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