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Energy Bomb - 40 Day Programme 200g

Fit & Lean Protein - 30 Day Programme 750g


You’ll be singing… ‘I’ve got the power’, with this energising bundle that will power you through your day. 

Energy Bomb together with Fit & Lean Protein will give you a super-charged energy lift, boost your mental performance and help you to build leaner muscles. 


The Power Bundle includes:


Energy Bomb 200g (Standalone price £29.99)


Fit & Lean Protein 750g (Standalone price £34.99) 


FREE 5 Day Detox Plan (Standalone price £45.99) 


*** TOTAL SAVNG: £14.99 ****



✓  Increased energy levels 

✓  Increased productivity and focus

✓  Promotes weight loss

✓  Aids faster muscle recovery 

✓  Builds lean muscle 


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