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1 x 90 min intro session

1 x 75 min follow-up


Overcome Overwhelm: Mini-Overhaul - Package Details

This two-session Overcome Overwhelm: Mini-Overhaul package is a taster offering for adolescents (pre-teens, teens and young adults) wanting to understand and explore more around the 'What is...?' and 'Why..?' of coaching and mentoring. It is designed for individuals who are curious about what it might be like to work with a personal coach or mentor, or those who are simply interested in gaining an awareness of some of the tools and methodologies available to adolescents in helping them to overcome some of the challenges they may be facing in school or day-to day life which can lead to feelings of overwhelm.


Individuals will be introduced to the purpose and intention of coaching and mentoring in a way that is easily understood and specifically tailored to adolescents and teens. They will experience first-hand, Tanya's unique methods of applying a range of tried and tested adolescent coaching tools and strategies, as she helps them uncover various factors which may be contributing to feelings of overwhelm or overload (and any feelings which may be associated with these, for example anxiety, worry or stress). Individuals will then have the opportunity to explore these factors in a little more detail before setting out to 'overhaul' the current situation.


Over the course of two sessions, individuals will have the opportunity to:

-explore the root causes of feelings of overwhelm

-learn some simple strategies for managing these feelings as they arise in real time

-gain a better understanding and awareness of the signs of overwhelm, and how to pre-empt, prevent and manage these before they take hold in the future.



Once you have paid for this package, we will be notified and email you the necessary details in order for you to book your appointment with Ms. Tanya Nicholas - Founder and Director of TN Education Coaching and Mentoring

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