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2-2.5 hours/session.


Nanobrows - Hyperrealism Hairstrokes are achieved by using a digital machine with nanoneedle to create hair strokes following a pattern that will build up the intensity of the brows with a 3D effect for more realistic, artistic fuller looking eyebrows. It’s truly a form of art since the brow artist will design the brow pattern following your natural brows to make them look as natural as possible, with no sharp edges, softer and fluffier. The Nano Hairstrokes allows you to have fully saturated hairstrokes with better retentionless trauma to the skin, and provides you with a smoother healing process. Nano machine strokes applies the pigment to the skin without cutting into it. As a result, the nano machine strokes last longer because the device is able to implant more pigment into each hair stroke.



Once you have paid for this product/service, we will email you a coupon that you can use to verify that you booked this through our website. You can avail this service in their salon/store or contact Aleen Permanent +44 (0) 7592 214752 

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