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1 x 90 min intro session

4 x 60 min personalised sessions


Level-up 5: Goal-Getter - Package Details

The five-session Goal Getter package is suitable for those individuals who enjoy a greater level of support and guidance to achieve a particular goal over a slightly longer period (five sessions). Individuals will initially be introduced to the purpose and intention of coaching and mentoring as with the Mini-Overhaul package. The Goal-Getter package then offers a greater amount of time and opportunity to dive more deeply into life areas (school life or otherwise - e.g. friendships, school progress and success, physical and mental health, career pathways, life aspirations) and identify where adjustments, improvements or greater focus might be needed. Attention is then given to these specific areas and, with coaching guidance, goal outcomes are developed and shaped, collaboratively, over these sessions. This package allows individuals to explore a wider range of the tools that can help adolescents to address various challenges (for example, managing procrastination, organisation, dealing with anxiety, or gaining confidence and higher self-esteem). They are also given more time to learn the purpose of different tools and more firmly embed their use and application so that by the end of the fifth session, individuals have the confidence to not only use these tools, but to also handle similar situations with confidence as they might arise in the future.


Over the course of five sessions, individuals will have the opportunity to:

-explore different life areas and identify any challenges they may be experiencing around these

-gain a deeper understanding of how and why these types of problems or challenges specifically arise

-learn specific personalised techniques and strategies to manage some of these specific challenges so that they are less likely to get in the way of personal performance, happiness and success in the future.



Once you have paid for this package, we will be notified and email you the necessary details in order for you to book your appointment with Ms. Tanya Nicholas - Founder and Director of TN Education Coaching and Mentoring

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