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1 x 90 min intro session

10 x 60 min personalised sessions


Level-up 10: School and Daily Life Overhaul - Package Details

This is the ultimate adolescent life review and makeover! Over this 11-session School and Daily Life Overhaul package, individuals will explore a full range of life areas in a very holistic way. Inclusive of the Mini-Overhaul and Goal Getter packages, The School and Daily Life Overhaul package seeks to empower individuals to become their own masters in a number of areas: behaviours, attitudes and habits for learning; awareness of self in relationships (for example, relationships with parents, siblings, friends, family, teachers or acquaintances); exploring and setting boundaries and expectations; time management and organisation; school, career and life aspirations; and physical and mental health and wellbeing (this list is not exhaustive). Through this package it is possible for several goals or outcomes to be achieved over the sessions, as an even greater amount of time and coaching support and guidance is available to individuals. The breadth of adolescent coaching tools, strategies and methodologies that can be offered to individuals through this package is much more expansive not only due to the amount of time available to explore the various elements being addressed, but because there is greater opportunity to practice, tweak and master the strategies developed with the support of a coach the whole way through. 


Over the course of 11 sessions, individuals will have the opportunity to:

-explore a full range of life areas, identify strengths and challenges they may be experiencing around these and which of these will form the focus of each session;

-gain a deeper understanding of why these types of problems or challenges arise and how they can be addressed through the learning, practice and development of specific adolescent coaching tools and strategies available to them;

-develop more mastery and control over the outcomes of different life areas, to ensure a greater chance of progress, happiness and success - in school and day to day life.


*It is important to note that coaching and mentoring are both action-based and solution-focussed approaches rather than any form of 'Talk-Therapy'.



Once you have paid for this package, we will be notified and email you the necessary details in order for you to book your appointment with Ms. Tanya Nicholas - Founder and Director of TN Education Coaching and Mentoring

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