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Tuition Option 2 - Multiple lesson booking

(Minimum 10-lesson booking)

What: You would be booking a block of 10 individual 60-min 1:1 private lessons (preferred lesson duration is flexible depending on student request/needs from one session to the next).

When: Initially can be booked at any time (only subject to tutor availability), and then scheduled (usually) weekly.

Lesson duration:  Can be requested as 60, 90 or 120 mins duration at a time (total lesson time remaining will be reduced in accordance after each session).

Rate: £85 per hour / £850 package total

Post-lesson: Notes produced during each session are incorporated into a bespoke lesson summary and emailed within 24-48 hours of lesson completion.

Ideal for:

-the student who may be lacking confidence in science and doesn't like to ask for help in lessons (which further impacts understanding);

-the student who finds it difficult to embed concepts in the classroom and takes a little more time to process and understand ideas;

-the student who feels more comfortable having time to check their understanding in a less distracting/overwhelming space than the classroom, and without the fear of 'getting it wrong in front of the class';

-the student who wants to build their exam skills a little at a time, alongside developing their conceptual understanding of the content (and can then link the two together).



Once you have paid for this package, we will be notified and email you the necessary details in order for you to book your appointment with Ms. Tanya Nicholas - Founder and Director of TN Education Coaching and Mentoring

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