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Tuition Option 1 - Individual stand-alone lessons

What: You would be booking a single 60-min 1:1 private lesson.

When: Can be booked ad-hoc as necessary (only being subject to tutor availability).

Lesson duration: Can be requested as 60, 90 or 120 mins duration at a time (please note that the rate quoted is on an hourly basis).

Post-lesson: Notes produced during the session are incorporated into a bespoke lesson summary and emailed within 24-48 hours of lesson completion.

Ideal for:

-the student who needs a quick knowledge top-up for an upcoming exam or assessment and wants to check their knowledge or to ensure they're on track to achieve their target grade(s);

-the student who needs support with only a limited part of their Science content;

-the student who needs some science-specific revision technique support;

-the student who just wants some quick exam skills practice over a few lessons.



Once you have paid for this package, we will be notified and email you the necessary details in order for you to book your appointment with Ms. Tanya Nicholas - Founder and Director of TN Education Coaching and Mentoring

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