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In order to fix old pmu brows, we may use color correction method to neutralise reddish/greyish/blueish brows. However if the pigment is still very condensed or the shape need to be improved, we should lift the old pigment by saline. Botched Ink is a gentle yet concentrated saline tattoo removal solution, used to lift, improve and remove bad or unwanted pigment, or fresh work in need of emergency removal from Microblading, eyebrow tattoo. The number of sessions are needed to achieve desired results varies, with treatments repeated multiple times, but at least 2-3 sessions.



Once you have paid for this product/service, we will email you a coupon that you can use to verify that you booked this through our website. You can avail this service in their salon/store or contact Aleen Permanent +44 (0) 7592 214752 

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